PINOY IT FORWARD is a Vision Campaign in partnership with the non- profit Organization, Operation blessing, with a mission to save families from poverty, hunger, and natural disasters all over the Philippines by building sustainable communities of hope which will provide them with dignified homes, skills & education, employment, medical treatment, sustainable energy, financial responsibility and social awareness. With just a small donation, equivalent to what you can do away with for a day ( a cup of coffee, a pair of shoes, a dinner out, etc.), you can be a part of creating long lasting change in the lives of families all over the country.

“Pinoy It Forward” medleys the generous Filipino Spirit of sacrifice and hospitality with the concept of paying it forward and putting someone else first.
This theory of change in our country involves a collective awareness and action. There are 10 million OFWs around the world who act as unsung heroes and, in a very substantial way, support the construct of the Philippine Economy. If each of them were to donate only 1 dollar, it would make such an impact to thousands of families. Now there are over 100 million Filipinos in the country… imagine the difference we can make if they all became a part of this advocacy.

The impact of this proven will not only save and change the lives of multitudes, but will also cement the world’s view of The Filipino Culture as that which puts others first for a sense of “Bayanihan”- Countrymen.
The campaign is geared towards mobilizing the Filipino community all over the world to join together as banner men for the same cause.
Join us as we gather together Pinoys all over the globe to truly make a difference.

Pinoy It Forward consists of inspiring the community to create a photo/video post on Facebook and Instagram about their pledge to give up one thing that day (whatever they are capable of, be it a cup of coffee, a dinner out, etc. ) and donating that amount to building sustainable communities of hope. The goal is that they will also tag or nominate 2 to 3 of their friends locally or abroad to do the same thing- creating a domino ripple effect throughout the whole community, building awareness and inspiring action to save Filipino lives all over the country.

Each one of us has the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger; and it doesn't take much. Simply by giving a small gift, reaching out and spreading the word, we have the chance TO BE the movement of change this nation has waited for. It just takes one.

One Sacrifice, One Filipino Spirit, PINOY IT FORWARD!

Operation Blessing

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